We are ready to fit, fix, and create!

Sports Clothing Fitting and Customization

Finding the perfect fit and customizations for your specific use and style is hard. We adjust the fit and also take away or add special features to get you ready for your favorite sports.

Sports Clothing Repair

When your favorite outdoor clothing item tears or breaks, finding a quality replacement can be difficult or even impossible. We fix your clothes so you don’t have to look for a replacement. When you’re on your next adventure you will have the satisfaction of relying on your favorite clothes once more.

Accessory Repair

From broken zippers to torn pouches and missing buckles, let us make your gear whole again. We service laptop bags, backpacks, ski bags, tents, horse blankets, and much more.

Blanket Re-Make

Does your child have a special blanket that is so worn out it’s almost invisible? Our awesome team can take a picture of the front and back and recreate a brand new blanket to keep that precious snuggly living strong! We remake large blankets as well:)

Zipper Tune-Up’s

Zipper teeth lose their functionality and stop connecting to each other. JH Sew Pro’s zipper tune-ups return your zipper to its original functioning state so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite gear without replacing your zipper.

Custom Creations

Most gear is one size fits all, which can limit your outdoor experiences. We make custom sporting gear designed for your specific uses and needs. Having customized gear for your unique needs is sure to enhance your next outdoor adventure in Jackson Hole.

Sewing on Patches

From leather vests to ski coats, we can get you patches added just where you want them! With our marine grade thread that is UV/water resistant and your patches will stand the test of time without falling off. When you make an appointment to get your patches placed, we use a special leather tape allowing you to place your patches just where you want them!

Custom Cosplay

Finding sturdy and realistic cosplay in a world full of chintzy replicas can be difficult. We help you be the hero you truly are with functional, quality costumes from your favorite characters. The next event you go to, spend your time enjoying yourself and not fixing your costume.

Start Up Production

If you’re new to the sewing business world and need some help getting your first batches of products sewn, JH Sew Pro can help. We refine patterns and help you meet deadlines, making your product launch a huge success!

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