Pricing and Timing

Our Time Strategy

As we strive to continually provide our fabulous, fast, and friendly services, we make sure to get time frames for all the projects we take on. This allows us to prioritize urgent projects over the ones that can take their time. By using this prioritization method over the first-come, first-serve style, it allows us to get your much needed outdoor clothing and accessories that you rely on back to you in the most timely manner possible! Making an appointment ensures we have the time already set aside to devote to your project once it’s dropped off. We also offer overnight service for an additional charge. We are very proud of our 5-star ratings. Check them out and see what all the fabulous fuss is about!

Repair Pricing

Here is a list of the common repairs and adjustments we do. If your particular repair is not listed, don’t fret. That will just be a custom fix, which we can do! Feel free to send us a picture or drop the project off for assessment and an estimate. Thank you for your understanding! We trust our repairs and guarantee them from sewing defects for 30 days. So, if in the unforeseen event that sewing unravels, just bring it back and we’ll make it right. All prices are estimates and subject to change.

Shorten ski pantsHem or take up in the leg$55.00
Shorten ski coat sleevesHem or take up in arm$55.00
Zipper Tune-UpClean, lube, and tighten pulls$15.00
Repair ZipperFix broken slides, stops or teeth$25.00
Replace ZipperRemove old zipper, add replacement$57.00
Add snapOne snap$12.00
Add additional snapPer snap$8.00
Add buttonPer button$10.00
Add buttonholePer buttonhole$10.00
Add or replace velcroPrice varies according to length $20 - $30
Webbing, add or replacePrice varies according to length $18 - $28
Hem jeans or Hiking pantsShorten the length of pants$28.00
Repair tear / hole in fabricPrice varies according to length $19 - $40
Buckle add or replacePer Buckle$22.00
Add PatchPer Patch$15.00
Overnight Service Priority Charge$30

Blanket Remake Pricing

Baby Blanket 45" x 60" or smaller$399 - $499
Twin Blanket 70" x 90" or smaller$499 - $650
Queen Blanket 90" x 108"$575 - $799

Custom Creations

Custom creations have custom pricing per project. For design and custom creation work, we work hourly at $45 an hour plus materials. Drop us a line to let us know what you’re looking for so we can get you an estimate on timing and costs.


For small business production, we work hourly at $31 an hour. Drop us a line to let us know what your looking for so we can get you an estimate on timing and cost.