Sport Gear Repair

Sports Gear Repair

When your favorite outdoor gear tears or breaks, finding a quality replacement can be hard to impossible. We can fix your gear so you don’t have to look for a replacement. When you’re on your next adventure you will have the joy of relying on your favorite gear once more.

In every sport, we use and sometimes abuse our gear. Our sports gear repair service can keep your favorite gear in the game!

Ripped or torn backpacks can be fixed vis sport gear repair at the Jackson Hole Sewing Professional.
Ripped waist strap? We can fix it!

Our mission is to provide fast, friendly and quality service to ensure lasting enjoyment of all your favorite sporting goods!  Sports and recreation are things most of us enjoy in Wyoming. Through gear repair and alteration services, we aim to enhance the time you spend outside. We focus on maximizing the comfort, practicality, and durability of each and every item you trust and depend on during your adventures.

Whether it’s outerwear, backpacks, or accessories, we provide solutions to what can sometimes seem irreparable. Before parting with your favorite trusted gear, let us give it a new life so that you don’t have to. We have the tools and seasoned sewing techniques to mend a variety of issues including tears and broken zippers along with replacing buttons, straps, and buckles. 

When we make a repair, we strive to fix your gear so that it will be more durable than its original form. Repairs also give you a chance to make changes that can enhance your gear’s design and customize it to your preferences and specific needs. We also specialize in custom fittings and adjustments. We can add zippers, buttons, webbing, eyelets, grommets, buckles, elastic, and snaps. 

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for every sport's gear repair.

As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we appreciate that you may depend on having your gear, so we do our best to provide a 24 hr turnaround time on most of our projects. Complex repairs and customizations can take longer than 24 hours. You can be sure that when you drop it off, we get to work. Your items will get the time and attention they need right away. We want your gear back in action as soon as possible.

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