Our Sustainability System

Here at JH Sew Pro, we take sustainability seriously! Sustainability encompasses so much for me, from making work fun and fulfilling to environmental friendliness. I want to share a few of my business goals for JH Sew Pro with you.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle:

The JH Sew Pro Way

There is a time for everything. A time to buy new fun clothes, and a time to use what we have. By using your local seamstress for clothing or accessory repairs and alterations, you can reuse your clothes and help save the earth! Instead of prematurely adding your ski gear to the already overfilled landfills, you can give it new life with us. While you’re at it, you reduce the new materials being used and transported to factories and stores. A simple way to reduce, reuse, and recycle while you support your local seamstress team!

Save Money and

Invest in Yourself Instead

Helping the planetis great, but you also help your wallet. Get another year or 5 out of your freshly mended gear. Use the money you saved from not purchasing new products to treat yourself to some fun or invest it for your future!

Sustainable Work Practices

By working out of our homes, we get to keep our work environments happy and customized to our unique needs. If work isn’t fun and rewarding, it’s hard to be motivated to give love and attention to every moment of our days. Besides, who wants to spend their precious days unfulfilled and dreading the next workday? My mission is to create a well-paying, fulfilling, fun, and flexible job, not just for myself, but to share the joy and bounty with others!